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Poultry farms in Colorado:

fresh eggs
pastured & free range chicken, turkey, duck,
also hatching eggs, farm visits

   Colorado farmers list your chicken, poultry, fresh eggs here!
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 Ebert Family Farm chicken/duck eggs, free range natural chicken ByersCO    
 Colorado Sustainable Farms all natural, pastured-raised chicken & holiday turkey, sustainable farm (35mi NE of Colo.Springs) CalhanCO    
 Bare Bottom Ranch pastured, humanely raised chicken/ duck/ turkey & holiday goose (preorder) CalhanCO    
 Davis Family Farm fresh eggs, Araucana/Americanas & duck hatching eggs Canon CityCO    
 Lukens Farms pastured chicken/duck all year, eggs, holiday goose/turkey; chicks (30mi N of Ft Collins) CarrCO    
 Arriola Sunshine Farm heritage Bourbon Red turkey (live birds only) DoloresCO    
 Jersey Girls Farm fresh eggs FlorenceCO    
 Grassmere Farm pastured chicken (Cornish Rock crosses) & eggs, CSA delivery Fort CollinsCO    
 Snappy Turken Farm chicks/eggs: backyard & specialty(Turkens,Buttercup..) baby ducks/geese/poults/keets, Denver delivery HolyokeCO    
 Powderhorn Duck Farm duck eggs all year (from pasture-raised ducks) (Gunnison co) PowderhornCO    
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